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Grand Junction Amtrak Station

Hotels near Grand Junction Amtrak Station, Grand Junction, United States .

Located at 339 South First Street in the western Colorado town of Grand Junction, the Grand Junction Amtrak Station is one of the principal transportation centers in the city, along with the regional airport just outside of town. The station is located along the rail line used for the California Zephyr service, which joins the disparate cities of Chicago, Illinois and Emeryville, California on either end. The principal cities before and after Grand Junction along this line are Denver and Salt Lake City, respectively.

The station hours are from 9am to 6pm daily. The station is staffed by Amtrak personnel, so it is possible to check baggage under the train at this station and to receive help with loading or unloading baggage. Furthermore, there is a waiting area inside as well as restrooms available for the public.

In the middle of Grand Junction, visitors will be able to find a place to stay near to the Amtrak Station at establishments such as the Hawthorn Hotel, the Hampton Inn, or the Rodeway Inn.





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