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Hotels near Harlingen, Harlingen (Netherlands), Netherlands .


Harlingen is a railway station located in the Dutch city Harlingen.

The station is lo located on Staatslijn B(Harlingen-Nieuweschans) and was opened on 27th October 1863.

The services are operated by Arriva and the main destinations on the line are Franeker and Leeuwarden. At every half hour an Arriva stoptrein stops at one of the two platforms from this station. Harlingen Haven, the terminus point of the line is located at 600 meters west of this station and from here are boat connections Terscheling and Vlieland. From 2010, the connection between Harlingen and Harlingen Haven will be made by buses.

Hotel Centraal, Logement Garjen and Stadslogement “Almenum” are the recommended hotels in the area, rates starting from 55 Euros.






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