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Hasharon Shopping Mall

Hotels near Hasharon Shopping Mall, Netanya, Israel .

HaSharon Shopping Mall is a shopping haven located at Herzl Street in Netanya, Israel. Netanya is a lovely beachside city that is a hot tourist destination in Israel.

The shopping mall is the first shopping center in Netanya. It was built in the 1990s, during the period in which the city experienced an economic boom. The mall stands as a welcoming figure on the crossroads of the city, greeting those coming from the east. Many fashion labels can be found in this shopping landmark and it also has a comprehensive range of modern facilities.

Overall, the HaSharon Shopping Mall makes for a lively shopping experience in one of the bustling tourist draws of Israel. The bus companies of Egged, Nateev and Shay have regular trips in and around Netanya.







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