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Hessian State Theatre

Hotels near Hessian State Theatre, Wiesbaden, Germany .

Hessian State Theatre

The Hessian State Theatre is located in Weisbaden, Germany. It was built between 1892-1894 by the architects Fellner and Helmer in Rococo Style.
The Schiller monument was erected in 1905, the 100th anniversary of the death of the German poet, in the backside of the Hessian State theatre.

Wilhelm II, the last German emperor started and sponsored the new theatre building, designed by the architects Fellner and Helmer from Vienna. The grand opening took place on 16 October 1894 with the emperor himself being present.

The large theatre hall offers seats for 1041 people, and in addition to this "Large House", there is also a "Small House" with 328 seats and a "Studio" with 89 seats. When booking seats, it is good not to sit too far off to the side, because there are numerous seats in the balconies that do not allow a full view of the stage.

Since 1896 it is home to the Maifestspiele - May festival. Today the festival is international and theatre companies worldwide show their performances.
In the years 1975 - 1978 the ceiling of the main hall was refurbished to its original form, so now the paintings and ornamentation are just as they were when the hall was originally inaugurated in 1894.
The state theater itself is part of a greater horse-shoe complex, also including the Theater Kolonnade, along with the Kurhaus and the Kurhaus Kolonnade. The theater shows performances from all over Germany, including theatrical productions, opera and symphonies.

Today it still offers outstanding festival highlights like the "Internationale Maifestspiele” (International May Theatre Festival) which attracts more than 20.000 visitors each year. Throughout the month of May, theatregoers can see top-class guest performances of operas, ballets and plays.

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