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Hilo International Airport

Hotels near Hilo International Airport, Hilo, United States .

Travelers heading to Hawaii are likely to spend time in one of the larger airports in the state, but for people heading away from the rush of tourist crowds, it's likely that some time in a smaller airport will be part of their travels, too.

One of the smaller airports that travelers often find themselves passing through is The Hilo International Airport, located in Hilo. Most of the flights to and from the airport are to Honolulu International Airport, though there have been non-stops to California in the past.

The airport consists of two runways and a passenger terminal, with up-to-date but modest facilities. Planes arrive and depart daily from Hawaiian Airlines, go! Airlines, and Mokulele Airlines, with service to Honolulu, Kona, and Kahului. There are also a number of charter flights offered by Mokulele Airlines, too.

Hilo International Airport is open daily, and a number of hotels are just a short drive away down by the water and the beach park, including The Hilo Seaside Hotel, The Hilo Bay Hotel Uncle Billy's, and Maureen's Bed and Breakfast.

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Hilo International Airport