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Germany > Filderstadt


History Museum of Baden-Württemberg

Hotels near History Museum of Baden-Württemberg, Filderstadt, Germany .

History Museum of Baden-Wurttemberg

The exhibits inside History Museum of Baden-Wurttemberg focus on artifacts from as early as the Stone Age gathered around the state. It was established by King William I in 1862 and has been housed inside Old Castle since 1948. The Wurttemberg crown jewels are part of the distinguished collection of antiquities.

Apart from the collections of old kings and dukes, the museum also boasts significant discoveries from its archaeological digs that relate to the Celts, Romans and the early medieval Alemmanians and Franks. All these cultures left their imprints into the landscape and culture of the Baden-Wurttemberg state.

Other mention-worthy items found in the museum are Renaissance clocks, the modern Stuttgart glass paintings and Swabian medieval sculptures. The folklore museum, located at Waldenbuch Castle, is another outstanding cultural experience, just half an hour drive from Stuttgart.

The History Museum of Baden-Wurttemberg welcomes visitors from Tuesdays to Sundays at 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Accommodations in Stuttgart offer diversity with the presence of boutique hotels, spa hotels, youth hostels and budget lodgings.






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