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Hotels near Hockenheimring, Mannheim, Germany .


Hockenheimring is a racing track situated near the town of Hockenheim in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Hockenheimring was originally built in 1932 as an alternative to the Wildpark-Circuit in Karlsruhe, which became forbidden as a racing circuit by German officials. It was used mainly for motorcycle racing and in 1936 it was expanded to be used as test track for Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union. After the war, former DKW and NSU factory rider and world record setter Wilhelm Herz promoted the track successfully and Grand Prix motorcycle racing events were held.
In the early 2000s, F1 officials demanded to shorten the 6.8 kilometer track and threatened to discontinue racing there, due to competition from other tracks such as the EuroSpeedway Lausitz and sites in Asia. The state government of Baden-Württemberg secured the financing of the redesign by Hermann Tilke for the 2002 German Grand Prix and the stadium section remained mostly intact, despite a new surface and a tighter Turn 1.
The track has a seating capacity of 120,000, due to new large grandstands that were sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. The complex also features a quarter mile track for drag racing as it hosts one of the largest drag racing events in Europe known as the NitrOlympx.
The Hockenheim Circuit hosted the German Grand Prix for the first time in 1970 and in July 2006, Bernie Ecclestone announced that from 2007 onwards, there would be only one Grand Prix per year in Germany as since 1995, there had been two Grands Prix every year in Germany: the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim, plus either the European Grand Prix or the Luxembourg Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. From 2007 onwards, it was decided that the two tracks will alternate hosting the German Grand Prix.
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