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Hoher Dachstein

Hotels near Hoher Dachstein, Schladming, Austria .

The Hoher Dachstein may come in 2nd place as the highest mountain in the Northern Limestone Alps, but that does not mean it is unimpressive by any means. With a summit of 2,995 meters and dozens of peaks over the 2,500-meter mark, the Hoher Dachstein hovering above Schladming, Austria covers postcards all over Austria for a reason.

Resting in central Austria, the Hoher Dachstein is made up of limestone from the Triassic geologic period, between 251 and 199 million years ago. The mountain features some of the largest caves in all of Austria. Even its glaciers brag of being the 8 eastern most glaciers of the Alps.

With Hoher Dachstein's impressive statistics, many climbers come here for a challenge. Inexperienced climbers are strongly cautioned to not bite off more than they can chew on the Hoher Dachstein.

Hoher Dachstein does remain accessible for skiing. Skiers can take a train from Vienna, Linz, and Salzburg to reach the famous ski resort Schladming in the valley of river Enns.

Two cable cars lift skiers and climbers into the massif, one from the town of Ramsau and the other from Obertraun. Ski bunnies hungry in the winter to glide down some slopes can take the Gletscherbahn Ramsau cable car leading up to the south edge of the glacier with a small summer ski resort at the top.öhle






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