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Hohlgangsanlage 8

Hotels near Hohlgangsanlage 8, Jersey, United Kingdom .

The Hohlgangsanlage 8, abbreviated Ho8, hides from the naked eye in the middle of a hillside, a constant reminder of World War II occupation on the Channel Islands in Jersey.

Known as the German Underground Hospital and the Jersey War Tunnel, Hitler ordered the construction of the Hohlgangsanlage 8 in October of 1941. The tunnel was designed for German occupying infantry in order to withstand Allied air raids. Using forced labor, the tunnel was built from 1941-1944.

In late 1943, the Hohlgangsanlage was converted into a casualty clearing station and emergency hospital. It contained 500 beds for patients, but only beds for German military. No civilians were to be admitted.

However, the Ho8 was never put into place with the occupying forces surrendering on May 9, 1945 in the Channel Islands, just one day after the rest of German forces surrendered.

The Jersey War Tunnel, as it is referred, is located on Les Charriéres Malorey, St. Lawrence in Jersey on the Channel Islands. Rather than a hospital, today the Ho8 sits as a museum showing the tunnel complex and everyday life for Jersey civilians before, during and after occupation. Tickets to enter the museum cost 10.50 Euros for Adults. The site is open from February-November from 10:00AM until 6:00PM.






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