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Hospital of the Holy Ghost Aalborg

Hotels near Hospital of the Holy Ghost Aalborg, Aalborg, Denmark .

Being one of Denmark's best-preserved medieval establishments and the oldest social institution in the country, the Hospital of the Holy Ghost in Aalborg remains impressive on paper and even in person.

The wealthy Lady Marren Hemmings founded the Hospital in 1451 to serve the sick. It remained a hospital up until 1953. Today Hospital of the Holy Ghost serves the elderly, functioning as a retirement home.

Constructed in a brick Gothic style, the Hospital's exterior is as exquisite as the interior. Several frescoes cloud the inside of the hospital with birthdates of creation as far back as the 1500s.

The area is also called the Monastery of the Holy Ghost, as a monastery ran the hospital during medieval times. Visitors can explore the Hospital and the town of Aalborg, with a rich history dating back to early settlements in 700 A.D.,_Aalborg






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