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Hualien Airport

Hotels near Hualien Airport, Hualien City, Taiwan .

Hualien Airport is a civil airport located on the grounds and adjacent to the military airbase in Hualien City, Taiwan. It is operated by the Civil Aeronautics Administration. The proximity of the airport to the military airbase has caused significant tension and inconvenience to the users of the civilian airport. There had been several occurrences of flights being cancelled due to military war games and exercises. This has also produced significant tension to the Republic of China Air Force.

Nevertheless, aside from occasional cancelled flights, the Hualien Airport fares well. Passengers can make use of the airport’s parking lots, arrival greeting hall, café, waiting lounges, and conference/exhibition rooms. There is also a 2-storey high waterfall in the terminal.

The airport has regular flights to domestic destinations. For now, however, the airport has regular flights to only two destinations – Kaohsiung by Mandarin Airlines and Taipei-Songshan by TransAsia Airways. Although it had already been certified to serve international flights, no such regular international flights have been scheduled on the airport due to its limited capacity and inadequate facilities. Even so, the airport already had its share of international flights, notable of which is the departure flight to Swaziland by King Mswati III.







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Hualien Airport