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Jeddah Islamic Port

Hotels near Jeddah Islamic Port, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia .

Jeddah Islamic Port is known as one of the biggest and oldest ports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The port serves as the principal commercial port and the main port of entry for pilgrims on Hajj, visiting the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah.

Jeddah Islamic Port features 54 quays, modern tugboats and the port is even wide enough for 135 ships to anchor simultaneously. The modern tugboats in Jeddah Islamic Port are able to anchor ships, extinguish fires, combat oil pollution and rescue ships in distress. Since the Jeddah Islamic Port is the main entry point for pilgrims, King Fahd has paid special attention to this port. The port has a special section for receiving pilgrims which has both government and private services to facilitate smooth processing of the pilgrims.

Jeddah Islamic Port handles nearly 59 per cent of Saudi Arabia’s seaborne imports, for this reason, there are plans to renovate the port and have it undergo a major expansion. Once implemented, the Jeddah Islamic Port will become one of the world’s major container ports. The Jeddah Islamic Port is near various types of accommodations including different hotels such as Crowne Plaza Jeddah, Qasr Al Sharq, Jeddah Hilton, Sheraton Jeddah Hotel & Resort, and Jeddah Trident Hotel.







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