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Kagoshima Airport

Hotels near Kagoshima Airport, Kagoshima, Japan .

Kagoshima Airport is a second class airport that is located in Kirishima, in the city of Kagoshima. Opened in 1944, the airport only started conducting regular flights in 1962. It has steadily grown in size and in the number of passengers. The airport served 2.5 million passengers in 2000.

Airlines that arrive and depart on Kagoshima Airport include ALL Nippon, China Eastern Airlines, Japan Airlines and Korean Air. True to its culture one can arrive at the Kagoshima airport to find warm foot baths available to sooth travelersí tired feet.

Attractions in and around Kagoshima include the Sengan-en or Iso gardens which is 20 minutes away by car. The Shiroyama Observatory is also 20 minutes away by car. Another point of interest is Kagoshima Aquarium, another attraction that one can reach in 15 minutes by car. Kirishima Yaku National Park, another park worth visiting, is known for its active volcanoes, volcanic lakes and onsen or hot springs. Another portion of the park lies on Yakushima Island and is known for its Cyryptomeria.

For accommodations in and around Kagoshima airport, one can choose between the Kirishima Royal hotel and the Kagoshima Tokyu Hotel. The Kirishima Royal Hotel is located outside the Kirishima Yaku National Park. Kagoshima Tokyu hotel on the other hand, offers a striking view of the waterfront and the Sakurajima volcano. With its large private balconies and spacious rooms one can view unforgettable sunsets in the comfort of your own room. The hotel also offers spacious conference amenities.







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Kagoshima Airport