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Kaiserslautern Central Station

Hotels near Kaiserslautern Central Station, Kaiserslautern, Germany .

Kaiserslautern Central Station – Germany
The Kaiserslautern Central Station is situated in the center of the city and many trains pass through it. Every day it gets scores of computers to Kaiserslautern. From the station, most of the things are easily accessible in the modern city of Kaiserslautern. The next closest city is Otterberg.
The places that are close to the Kaiserslautern Central Station is the Zweibrucken airport which is 36.8 km away. The important landmarks that are within walking distance from the station are St. Martin Church at 1.0 km, Stifts Church at 0.9 km. There is a huge pedestrian shopping are called the Kaiserlautern at 0.8 km. There is also the Fritz Walter Stadium 0.8 km and Pfalztheater Kaiserlautern 1.2 km. There are several wonderful old buildings with the most beautiful architecture in and around the Kaiserslautern Central Station.
The Kaiserslautern city is located at the edge of the Palatinate forest. It is just 459 kms from Paris and 159 km from Lumembourgh. Most trains criss-cross this region. The Kaiserslautern Central Station is a part of the history of the city and has been around for as long as one can remember. The city has a lot of history that is in the places around the Kaiserslautern Central Station.
The hotels out here have been owned by generations of the same family and some of them are right opposite the Kaiserslautern Central Station.
The Kaiserslautern Central Station passes through the most fantastic scenery to get you there.






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