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Karl Marx Monument

Hotels near Karl Marx Monument, Chemnitz, Germany .

Located in the town of Chemnitz, Germany, the Karl Marx Monument was sculpted in
1971 by the famous Lev Kerbel who is best known for his Soviet Realist works of Lenin,
Marx, and Yuri Gagarin. The scultpure has been a topic of controversy since the fall of
socialism in Europe and its 33 tonnes now- after recent restoration- remain in Chemnitz
as a reminder of the political theorist that shaped so much of 20th century history.

The 13-meter tall monument stands in the city center on the Bruckenstrasse and is locally
known as "The Head". Its sculptor is known in the region as Nischel, another name for
"head" in the local Saxon dialect, since his most well-known works were usually of busts
of famous socialist political figures.

Chemnitz, a city left mostly in ruins by US Air Force bombers after the Second World
War, was rebuilt by the Soviets as a socialist East German town with a strong focus on
manufacturing. This independent city of nearly 300,000 situated near the border of
Czech Republic was named Karl Marx Stadt from 1953-1991. As a result of its industrial
success, it was hailed as the "Manchester of the East". While Karl Marx has no
connection with the city itself, its reputation as a bastion of socialist productivity gave it
an association with the man who was responsible for the political theories behind the
socialist East German state. The name of Karl Marx Stadt is what brought the famous
sculpture to rest in this town.






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