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Karlskirche Kassel

Hotels near Karlskirche Kassel, Kassel, Germany .

The Huguenot Karlskirche in the town of Kassel, Germany is one of many churches of
the region that were destroyed during the war and rebuilt during the Allied Occupation.
Kassel, the largest town in Nordhessen, is located just west of the center of Germany and
was known for its population of 1700 Huguenots who came seeking refuge in the city in
1685. The church was built by its namesake landgrave Karl of Hesse-Kassel who built
the church for the Huguenots after they fled to Kassel. After the simple octagonal
structure was all but destroyed along with ninety percent of the city during the Allied
bombings of World War II, it was rebuilt in 1957 in the same modest style that reflects
the simplicity of the Huguenot service.






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