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Kasane Airport (BBK)

Hotels near Kasane Airport (BBK), Kasane, Botswana .

Kasane Airport is the primary airport in Kasane, Botswana. Kasane is a town that is close to Africa’s Four Corners, an area in the continent of Africa where four countries including Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia meet. The airport is situated 7 kilometers southeast of Kasane.

Kasane is located near Chobe National Park which is one of the largest game concentration areas in the continent of Africa and the first national park of Botswana. Because of this, the Kasane Airport is used primarily to cater tourists who are visiting the park. Air Botswana is the main airline that flies to and from the nearby cities of Gaborone and Johannesburg. Aside from Air Botswana, several charter planes also offer flights that transport tourists to other nearby attractions and tourist destinations in the vicinity.

Several lodges and accommodations in Kasane provide shuttles for tourists arriving in the airport for easy transportation from the airport to the hotels and other destinations. There are several accommodations available in Kasane such as inns, lodges, a resort and even a conference center. These hotels include the Chobe Game Lodge, the Chobe Marina Lodge and the Toro Safari Lodge.







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Kasane Airport (BBK)