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Kashgar Airport

Hotels near Kashgar Airport, Kashgar, China .

One way of effectively traveling across China is through airplanes. The country has numerous airports, both for domestic and international airlines. One of these airports is the Kashgar Airport, which is located in Kashgar, Xinjiang, China. The airport is located approximately 10 kilometers to the north of Kashgar City, and it was built in 1953. It currently stands as the second largest airport in all of Xinjiang, next to the Urumqi Airport. It spans a whopping 60,000 square meters or 14.8 acres of airstrip, which is ideal for planes to land and take off. Shuttles or buses are available for passengers to go to the downtown area and back to the airport.

Only a few airlines reach Kashgar Airport and these include the China Southern Airlines, Deer Jet, Hainan Airlines, and China Southern Airlines. Regarding flights on China Southern Airlines, these flights are not available on a regular basis as these are available for passengers on a seasonal basis.







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Kashgar Airport