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Keystone Ranch Restaurant

Hotels near Keystone Ranch Restaurant, Keystone (Colorado), United States .

Situated in an original 1930’s ranch homestead, Keystone Ranch is a critically acclaimed restaurant in the middle of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Located in the city of Keystone, this restaurant features a combination of Colorado-themed fine dining and the experience brought about by diners’ rustic surroundings.

Of special note at Keystone Ranch are the chef’s wild game specialties, including elk steak, Colorado lamb stew, and Moulard duck, as well as deserts such as the Colorado blackberry strudel. Also notable is the six-course dinner, which allows patrons to sample a wide variety of the Colorado fare available at Keystone Ranch.

Located at 1239 Keystone Ranch Road in Keystone, Colorado, just a short distance from Keystone Ski Resort, Keystone Ranch is easily accessible by car via Interstate Highway 70. Operated by Keystone Ski Resort, Keystone Ranch follows the ski season schedule, and is open from early November through mid-April. The restaurant is open for dinner only, with seatings beginning at 5 P.M., and ending at 9 P.M. Local hotel accommodations include the Inn at Keystone, Keystone Lodge & Spa, Mountain House Neighborhood, and Arapahoe Inn. For more information visit .





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