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King Fahad Library & Garden

Hotels near King Fahad Library & Garden, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia .

The King Fahad Library & Garden serves as the legal deposit and copyright for Saudi Arabia and is located in Riyadh. The library was built during the 1980s but recent architectural additions such as the new building which finished construction in 2009.

It was during the 1970s when the need for a national library became persistent in the country. The need was highlighted by librarians and academicians in their writings which indicated the importance of collecting, organizing, and providing access to locally produced information. This put forth the third 5-year development plan by the government which referred to the need for a national library.

The King Fahad Library & Garden is located in an accessible area at the Olayya district in Riyadh. It is a well-known landmark in the city with its bright golden dome and beautiful gardens. The library occupies a space of 58,000 square miles, complete with side gardens and parking facilities. The white marble building is four-stories high and can accommodate approximately 1.5 million volumes.







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