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Albenga Airport

Hotels near Albenga Airport, Genoa, Italy .

Albenga Airport lies to the northwest of Albenga plain, near the most important tourist resorts of the Italian Riviera. The runway was the first in Italy with an elastic paving that not only minimises damage to landing aircraft, but is also earthquake resistant and increases shock absorption in the event of a crash. The airport is used for the transport of fresh cut flowers and other agricultural products to Italy and other destinations in northern Europe. Albenga is currently used as a stop for small passenger planes, charter flights, sporting flights and recreational craft. The Eliliguria fleet operates from this airport, offering besides other services, door-to-door connection with air taxi for any destination. The airport is about 80 kilometers from Genoa, so visitors can take a train from Albenga Railway Station and reach Genoa in about 2 hours. You can reach Albenga railway station by taxi or bus from the airport.





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