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Krakow Central Railway Station

Hotels near Krakow Central Railway Station, Krakow, Poland .

Krakow Central Railway Station – Poland
The city of Krawkow was the city of Prince Kraqk. There are several different ways to reach the city but the best is by train, which will stop at the Krakow Central Railway Station. It will take you past the most beautiful of scerney that your eyes could have ever seen.
The closest airport to the Krakow Central Railway Station is the Krawkow airport. The moment you step out of the Krakow Central Railway Station you will be able to walk around and look at the most attractive and beautiful of architecture right from the times of the Hamsburg Empire. There are hordes of tourists and visitors who come to Krawkow every day. The Krakow Central Railway Station is always crowded and people moving around. However, be careful late at night as it can get quite deserted then.
The Krakow Central Railway Station has plenty of trains arriving and departing from here. All of these trains are run by the Polskie Koleje Panstwowe. The trains are non-stop from one destination to another. You can get a train to Vienna, Warsaw, Prague, Berlin or Budapest from out here.
As soon as you step out of the Krakow Central Railway Station, there is a vast open space and a huge shopping center. There is a modernized bus depot out there. There is a luggage stowaway at the station too.
Right outside the Krakow Central Railway Station there are several taxis, which can ferry you around the city.






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