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Hotels near Albrecht-Dürer-Haus, Nuremberg, Germany .

Nuremberg, a city in the German state of Bavaria, was an important city during the Nazi Germany era, because of its relevance with the Holy Roman Empire and because it was at the centre of Germany.

During Hitler's rise to power in 1933, Nuremberg saw huge rallies that became state propaganda events. Nuremberg was also the city that passed the anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws, which stripped Jews of all German citizenship.

As a result of the war crimes undertaken, during 1945 and 1946, German officials involved in the Holocaust were brought before an international tribunal which became known as the Nuremberg Trials. These trials were held in Nuremberg to mark the demise of Nazi power, just as the Nazi's has themselves stripped the Jews of their rights.

However despite the troubled past that Nuremberg holds, it is also a city that holds a deep cultural history that has contributed greatly to humanism, science, printing and mechanical inventions.

One such cultural landmark in the centre of Nuremberg is the Albrecht-D¨¹rer-Haus. Dating back to the 15th century, this sandstone and timber framed house was the home of Albrecht D¨¹rer between 1509 and 1528, the year of his death.

The house which was transformed into a museum in 1871, takes visitors on a tour through all the four floors of the house which depicts the famous artist Albrecht D¨¹rer's living quarters and workplace. One particular attraction is the large painting and printing workshop famous during Albrecht D¨¹rer's time where artistic techniques are demonstrated.

Another attraction includes the lady of the house, Agnes D¨¹rer. She will guide visitors through her house in five different languages by audio-guide. By special request, she even appears in person (played by an actress) and guides visitors through the house telling them about the everyday life in an artist's household.

Opening hours: Monday to Sundays from 10am - 17:00 and 10am - 20:00 Thursdays. From July to September and during the Christmas Market, opening hours are from 10am - 17:00.

Admissions: Adults €5.00; School Classes €1.50; Groups of 15 or more €4.00; Families €5.50 or €10.50.

Hotels in Nuremberg are not hard to find, are reasonably priced and can be found within a few kilometers of the Albrecht-D¨¹rer-Haus. A standard three-star hotel can run between $65 to $94 per night with all staff speaking at least two languages.






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