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Hotels near Kupolen, Borlange, Sweden .


Kupolen is a famous shopping area located in Sjukgymnastcentrum, Bryggerigatan 2, in the city of Borlange, Sweden close to Falun city. The Kupolen shopping area is located in the middle of the cliff and the ground floor, offering an excellent accessibility.
It is a shopping mall with 80 shops, cafes and restaurants. It was inaugurated on the 13th of September 1990 and it was expanded in 1995 with another floor; the number of stores more than doubled. It currently has 4.6 million visitors a year and a turnover of almost 1.2 billion. The dome is now a natural venue and meeting point for many people who are attracted to strolling, meeting and shopping. The dome is currently owned by Steen & Ström, Scandinavia's leading owners of many shopping centers in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. A famous landmark in the area, tourists should not pass by without visiting is the Falun Mine.
The shopping area is open for visitation Monday to Friday, 10 am to 8 pm and on Saturday until 5 pm. McDonald's restaurant is open Monday to Thursday, 7 am to 2 am and on Friday until 04 am. On Sunday all shops ad restaurants are open 11 am to 5 pm. Public transportation is available in the area but tourists may easily reach this location by personal car.
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