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La Rioja Airport

Hotels near La Rioja Airport, La Rioja (Argentina), Argentina .

The La Rioja Airport, located at Acceso Ruta Provincial no. 5 in La Rioja, Argentina, serves many thousands of passengers as well as cargo shipments annually. The city of La Rioja is inhabited by around 150,000 people, with many visitors making trips annually to visit this historic city and province. Founded by Juan Ramirez de Velasco in 1591, La Rioja is located at the foot of the Velasco Sierras. One major distinction La Rioja is known for is being the birthplace of former Argentine President, Isabel Martinez de Peron. The airport provides passengers with rental car and ground transportation services, information kiosks, food and gift concessions, restrooms, and payphones.

Hotel options include the Naindo Park Hotel and the Plaza Hotel.






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La Rioja Airport