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Hotels near Alcantara, Taormina, Italy .


The Alcantara River Park is located at about 25 km from the city of Taormina, Italy.
Most of the people know this place due to the very good quality leather which is made here but the place is also famous for its gorges. These gorges have been fashioned into the rock by some geological phenomena whose origins are not known surely by the scientists, being lost in the mist of time. A visit to Alcantara Gorge is a unique experience because the tourists will have to walk a small stretch of a the river bed. Because most of the year the level of the water is to high, this walk can be done just from May to September when the water level lowers. As a safety measure and to stop the tourists from getting cold, they are advised to wear fishing boots because the river water is freezing even in summer. For the one who want to visit this place in other period of the year, they should know that trips only go as far as the entrance to the gorges. Once got there, the view is amazing: wonderful reflections of light and shadows are created by the gorges, so black and prismatic, as soon as the sun hits their surface.
The Alcantara Gorge is reachable by bus from Taormina. A bus goes two or three times a day to the gorge.
Hotel El Jebel, San Domenico Palace Hotel, Panoramic Hotel and Hotel Imperiale, all of them located in Taormina, offers convenience, comfort and great facilities at affordable rates.






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