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Lakselv Airport

Hotels near Lakselv Airport, Alta, Norway .

Laksel (Lakselv) Airport, Banak, Norway is located 1.5km form the town of Lakselv in the Finnmark county of Norway. It also markets itself as the North Cape Airport, although it is some distance from the North Cape ( There are daily connection flights to Alta, Tromso and Kirkenes, as well as charter flights in summer. Additionally, in summer, Scandinavian Airlines fly to Oslo. This is the northernmost airport in Norway with a runway suitable for Boeing 747 planes. The Airport shares its site with Station Group Banak of the Norwegian Air Force.

Alta situated in the northern Sami district was established in 1830, and named after the Altafjorden Fjord. However, rock-carvings dating back to 4,200 BC have been found, which are now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Alta is situated mostly along the banks of the fjord, in a wooded area. The clear skies make the town an ideal place to study the Aurora Borealis. The main economy relies on small industry, public sector and education; the University College is based here as is the research institute Norut NIBR Finnmark. Alta has the most northern ice hotel in the world.

There are a few hotels to choose from, but the Rica Hotel Alta has four stars and is located in Alta town centre. Some rooms have views over the valley and some over the Aurora Borealis Observatory. Rooms have wireless internet connection. The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is 2,000 square metres of ice hotel, which is re-built every year ( It offers conference facilities with modern audiovisual technology, a snack bar, night club, bar, and pizza pub, plus two restaurants. Temperatures within the hotel remain at steady 4C to -7C, but beds and seating are covered with Reindeer hide. Visitors can ski, fish and take snowmobile tours.






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