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Alesund Airport

Hotels near Alesund Airport, Alesund, Norway .

Alesund Airport is situated on the island of Vigra, close to the city of Alesund, in Norway. In 2006, with over 700,000 passengers travelling through it, the airport was ranked number 8 in the country. Scandinavian Airlines offer flights from Alesund to Copenhagen, Oslo or Bergen, while AirBaltic services the route to Riga. Charter flights are also scheduled regularly from this airport. The terminal and the extended runway were opened in 1958. A year after, the airport’s connection with the surrounding area was finalized through a complex of toll bridges and underwater road tunnels, supplementing the ferries functioning up to that moment. The Flybussen airport bus takes passengers to Aalesund and its main hotels in 25 minutes and the rides are scheduled conveniently to coincide with the flights. The taxis will provide a similar service, but the journey will only take 15 minutes.





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