Sydney Tower - Centre Point


As you familiarise yourself with Sydney, you will find yourself looking skyward and the crick at the back of your neck will confirm that Sydney is not wanting for skyscrapers. From Darling Harbour to the CBD and into Surry Hills, the Sydney skyline is dominated by truly massive office and hotel buildings which tower above what remains of the federation and colonial buildings below.


None of these structures is quite as gravity defying as Sydney Tower on Market Street, between Pitt Street and Castleraegh Street in the Central Business District (CBD), a telecommunications mast with an observation deck at the 305 metre point and a revolving restaurant too.


One of Sydney's most visited attractions is the Observation Deck and restaurant, which at 305 metres high, is the highest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere. You can see right across the city area and, on a clear day, all the way to the Blue Mountains in the West.


There is a guided tour which gives an insight into the function of the tower, and high powered telescopes which allow you to home in on key sites and, if people-watching is one of your favourite past-times, spy on unsuspecting Sydneysiders tucking into their lunchtime sandwiches below.


Thankfully the operators of the Tower haven't been too greedy, and once you have paid for your admission, the telescopes and other facilities are available at no extra cost.


View from the restaurant at dusk

The observation area is something of an architectural marvel in that it was hoisted up the central needle midway through construction. This was the engineers' solution to the problem of building a tower of this height and magnitude.


The Sydney tourist planners had a hand in the construction too, and included a restaurant on at the observation level which rotates slowly through 360 degrees as you eat.


The fairly reasonable menu prices are displayed at the base of the tower and, if you decide to treat yourself to a revolving meal, it is likely to be one of your more memorable restaurant visits.


A word of warning to those with vertigo, the view from the deck is spectacular, but if a 305 metre gap between you and the ground and a noticeable wobble in high winds are not to your taste, then take your Sydney Tower memories back home on a postcard.


If shopping is more your thing, or you believe that if we were supposed to get views of Sydney from 305 metres above the ground then we would have been born with stilts, there are plenty of shops to keep you entertained in the shopping complex at the base of the tower. The leading Aussie brands are represented here as well as speciality stores like Swatch and the Olympic Store.






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