Children's Sydney


There are plenty of things to do in Sydney which should keep the children entertained. Part of the beauty of the place is that many of the attractions - the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the AMP Centrepoint Tower are able to cross age boundaries and appeal to young and old alike.



Luna Park

Luna Park is a definite must visit for kids - entry is free, with access to rides and games including Dodgem City, the Ferris Wheel and the Magic Castle costed on a per ride/visit basis. Luna Park is located near North Sydney and less then 5 mins by train from Sydney's CBD - Townhall, Central, Wynyard. Luna Park was first opened in 1935 and has undergone rapid changes and challenges over the years - it is the most famous amusement park in Sydney.


Home & Away

If you live in one of the 35 countries which broadcasts the TV soap opera "Home and Away", then the children are likely to relish a visit to Palm Beach in the northern suburbs. This is where the Seven Network shoots the outside sequences for the programme, usually very early on a Tuesday morning.


It is fairly easy to get to the opulent area - catch the 190 bus from Wynyard Station in the CBD and watch the suburbs go by for an hour or so. Don't expect too much from the ride over the Harbour Bridge - it is best experienced on foot. But seeing the fictitious "Summer Bay" Surf Club, complete with a convincing sign above the metal shutters, thanking it's financial supporters over in "Yabbie Creek", and re-enacting your favourite dramatic beachside scenes from the show is sure make this a highlight if you enjoy the programme. Check the website at


There is also a marina over the back where you can get refreshments, which occasionally serves as Travis' boat yard. The area itself is striking too, and if the children have tired of doing their Aussie soap auditions, then a walk up to the lighthouse is an enjoyable way of spending a couple of hours.



On a more educational note, the many museums and galleries, mentioned elsewhere on this site, try hard to encourage and entertain younger visitors. Of particular note are The Power House Museum and The Museum Of Sydney which display their wares in a very imaginative way, which is sure to keep the children's attention, and teach them something about the city as well.



The beaches at Bondi and Coogee are likely to be winners too. This is where the children can hone their body-boarding skills, care of the rental shops that line the streets. Take care to supervise them though; the current can be strong at both of these beaches and they should make sure they stay within the flags which mark the areas patrolled by the iconic lifeguards. Also try Manly and Balmoral beaches.


If aquatics aren't their thing, then they might want to try a spot of in-line skating along the promenade. Skates and essential safety gear can be had from the same rental stores. Shop around for the best prices.



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