Sydney Web Cam



The Canon Company of Japan (you know, the one that makes lenses and cameras and electronic stuff) have installed a fantastic webcam, atop the Shangri-La hotel in Sydney.


And it's not just any camera. Oh no! You can actually move this one around from the comfort of your desk, from anywhere in the world. You can tilt it, pan it and zoom it in and out but you may have to wait in line for your turn as it is, understandably, very popular. When you've got a really good picture lined up, you can even take a snapshot of it to keep. And it's all free!


Once you take control, you'll have one whole minute to point this incredible webcam where you wish. Pan it across to the Opera House, zoom in on the traffic driving over the Harbour Bridge or perhaps check out some of the Sydneysiders and tourists strolling along Circular Quay.


And there's no waiting around for the webcam's picture to update. If your Internet connection is fast enough, you'll actually see the Sydney traffic and people moving!


When your minute is up, you can still watch the view from the camera, under the control of somebody else, who may be thousands of miles away. Then, press the button and get back in line for another go!






When you're ready, just click here to see Sydney LIVE right now, with Canon's brilliant Sydney webcam!


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